About Me - Andrew Ortiz Photography

Hey! I'm Andrew.

I'm natively from the tri-state area, but most notably - New York City. I moved to the Houston area in the summer of 2013. I seriously love it here. "Down south" has a different way of living and it's something I've grown to love. Don't worry, NYC, you'll always be number one in my heart.

I love to travel. I love pretty much any piece of technology, animals (of course), gaming and watching sports. Did I mention I love food and love to cook? Well, I do. I'm engaged to my beautiful fiance, Raina, whom I've been with for five wonderful years now. We met in New Jersey in 2011 and sometimes I wonder where I'd be without her amazing ability to keep me focused. She's an amazing woman whom I owe so much to for always supporting me.

Thanks to my father, I've always loved photography since I was young. I'll never forget the feeling I got when he first showed me his 1980s Nikon FM2. Looking back, I now realize how small of a gesture that was to him, but how big it was to me in the grand scheme of things. It was something I thought would merely be a hobby, despite practicing on whatever I could get my hands on throughout the years. Moving to Texas struck my creative side, causing what felt like an intrinsic push into pursuing my passion for photography. This has led me to embrace photography on a whole new level, studying and learning new techniques as often as I can, always looking to improve and evolve. Through this process, I realized that I have truly discovered myself and what I love doing. 

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